2021.10.23 13:51 femmmeow 😬

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2021.10.23 13:51 H_AK [OC] The Hat Matter

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2021.10.23 13:51 InteractionFew155

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2021.10.23 13:51 NewsElfForEnterprise LG Chem is about to announce its earnings — here's what Wall Street expects

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2021.10.23 13:51 Beeswax_2711 Bamboo trees and flowers

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2021.10.23 13:51 Humble-Eye-9278 Which way to krisnik?

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2021.10.23 13:51 PainIsPleasure the crown witness [Poetry]

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2021.10.23 13:51 Julianr113 Moist Vs KoS: Dying And Stuff

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2021.10.23 13:51 NightDash3 Boundless SMP 1.17.1 Vanilla Server (Brand New)

Boundless SMP is a brand new 1.17 Vanilla Java SMP that started yesterday. It is a place to chill and have fun with others. The server is located in US East so the ping should be fine for most people. The age limit is 15+. The server is completely vanilla with a couple of datapacks: Multiplayer sleep Unlock All Recipies Double Shulker Shells
We do have some Rules: No toxicity, Stealing, Griefing, hacking, duping There is spawn protection for 100 blocks or so Not knowing Rules will not grant immunity
To join or for further questions DM on Discord. My Discord is NightDash#9314
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2021.10.23 13:51 SnooGrapes7292 Cursed dictator

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2021.10.23 13:51 Mikesmilk456 Why avengers misses the mark

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2021.10.23 13:51 Pinkman_634 19M anyone wanna talk about anything you want just Dm me 👽

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2021.10.23 13:51 werew0lfsushi The way nursery pots compress the soil, this is some minecraft typa stuff

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2021.10.23 13:51 chickeninanegg How to choose between Next.js CSR, SSR, SSG, and ISR

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2021.10.23 13:51 wbradleyjr1 Those Who Are Intolerant and Don’t Appreciate Civil Rights Are a Danger to Us All

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2021.10.23 13:51 farmerjuls Hello i dont even know what i need

So ive been thinkin about how next march ill be able to get my drivin test done and hopefully get my license shouldnt be hard as i live on a farm i drive tractors easy (fuck its not easy) im more confident in a tractor than a car but i can still drive a car am shit at reversin in a car but i can reverse a 16ft trailer and tractor nae bother
Another problem is my parents wont let me get a job and they expect me to buy my own car how i havent a clue money to me is as bare as a fuckin cows ass its unbelievable how they think ill be able to buy a car with no money its not fair
My only chance for a job is my years placement next yesr with my college course i deliberatly chose this course for the year out paid work placement but not havin a drivin license hinders the amount of farms i could get onto and the amont of pay I REALLY NEED MY LICENSE
Also have asked to go to a friends party next saturday night they probs wont let me go as them drinking is more important than me seeing friends who ihavent seen since last may and then they wonder y i have no friends
I reslly need some1 to talk to daily and some1 i can rant to daily and ask for advice and support i really want someone trustworthy please text me please ill appreciate it so much
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2021.10.23 13:51 friendshouse72 Hathiyaar kaat isskA...!❤️

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2021.10.23 13:51 12-9038190830 The Green Misschien by me. Commuter bike in the Netherlands.

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2021.10.23 13:51 lefty121 I tested positive, and then negative. Not sure what to think.

I’m completely vaxxed. The other day I had to get tested for a trip. I got the rapid Abbott ID Now test from walgreeens and came back positive. No symptoms. I was shocked.
Couldn’t go on my trip but I got a PCR test the following day and just got the results back and it says negative. Also my family and wife all tested negative.
Can the Abbott ID Now create a false positive? From what I read online it really doesn’t. I’m really at a loss as to what to think. Any help is appreciated.
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2021.10.23 13:51 SilverHaloWave Interest Rates don't do shite for Inflation

I lived through the inflation of the 70's and Volcker's double-digit rates. All high interest rates did was slow the economy. The petrodollar convincing low-cost labor countries to sell us their cheap products is what slowed inflation, which in turn hollowed out our manufacturing capabilities. Only sound money can save our collective butts now.
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2021.10.23 13:51 kimmiepaintsthings Makeup for today, thanks for looking 🎃

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2021.10.23 13:51 cbvv1992 🔥60% Off Code – $13.49 34 Grid Egg Storage Box!!

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2021.10.23 13:51 MohnJaddenPowers Anyone know if this plywood on a sofa arm will last more than a year? It's on an Ashley sofa bought new in 2018,the rest of the frame is hardwood.

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2021.10.23 13:51 49two Drake and NS Benji

Someone help me make sense of this. I know Drakes all about pushing out Canadian sound from time you can give the platform to some shit guy like Smiley how comes he doesn’t acknowledge Northside I’m a lil confused because Benji is miles ahead than all these rappers in the city. I can’t stop listening to ashes to ashes, how much she needs me, and the most anticipated caught me the win.
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2021.10.23 13:51 thorUltra Bawa on Hoezaay's Stream

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