f9bya nf3k3 batsa seryn 4be4f 7rh9b 6fa74 ai94z 262fi 22rbh 66k9z t7b57 dzbds 5e448 kr492 a2ks3 yky7i ereff ai5br i7za2 tndhn More than 200 Australian birds are now threatened with extinction, and climate change is the biggest danger |

More than 200 Australian birds are now threatened with extinction, and climate change is the biggest danger

2021.12.02 00:27 dipperdog More than 200 Australian birds are now threatened with extinction, and climate change is the biggest danger

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2021.12.02 00:27 Heavy-Meta Zekrom raid, adding ten 4151 4393 8098

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2021.12.02 00:27 NotKingChuck Pain management doctor for girlfriend with cancer.

My girlfriend is battling cancer, Bako doctors seem afraid to prescribe fearing she might become dependent. Terminal diagnosis and they’re fearful. Can anyone DM a decent doctor if you are comfortable, if not I understand.
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2021.12.02 00:27 Old_Bed8247 🐶SweetShiba | STEALTH launch very SOON | GREAT team | marketing planned✅ | Elon tweet!!

Great team behind MoonVikings
MoonVikings- and they are going to the moon. With a Sofisticated Dev Team onboard, MoonVikings project is a amazing project with a big potential.
6% Tax 3% lp 3% to marketing
2.5% MAX wallet
✅Safe ✅LP locked ✅Great team ✅stealth launch ✅Website ready before launch
To be listed on: •CoinMarketCap •CoinGecko •Coinhunt
🐶 Official Links
🐶Contract: 0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1#readContract
🐶 LP LOCKED : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4faa9f3a2e7ba8b2ec343ae1a1176850199d5e86
Join us to the moon! The team is very motivated to make this a succes and THE new big meme coin.
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2021.12.02 00:27 svanapps Ex-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Square Changes Name to Block

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2021.12.02 00:27 LordxPrime [H] Leviathan Dreadnought [W] $$$ [Loc] United States central

I have a beautiful ultramarines dreadnought with magnatized weapons for sale Im asking 200 for dreadnought dread pic
Also if anyone has a Rapier Quad heavy bolter not painted for sale let me know :)
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2021.12.02 00:27 bgibbs8 Maybe it’s just me 🤔🧐

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2021.12.02 00:27 Mmgartstudio Arabian "Night Shades"

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2021.12.02 00:27 Helloalis517 Need Advice for 1066 Ireland

This is my first playthrough, I went with 1066 Mumu in Ireland. While I was trying to control Ireland, Within the first 30 years, France gained control of all of the Initial English areas, and all of Wales. I do now have all of Ireland. Scotland is currently a mess, so I can try to capture that. However, I am not sure how to handle France after that.
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2021.12.02 00:27 TheRareButter Any ideas on fixing this? Madden 20 PC.

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2021.12.02 00:27 rvbjohn Germany and Pop go pretty well together.

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2021.12.02 00:27 PhantomX98 New Years Eve Party Supplies 2022 Set $18.99, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2021.12.02 00:27 mark_____0 Can anybody tell me what kind of fossil this is??

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2021.12.02 00:27 JohnGoodmanNSFW 1 big capitalist party

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2021.12.02 00:27 Bonus1Fact Calls mount for CNN to ‘act now’ and fire Chris Cuomo ¦ Sky News Australia

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2021.12.02 00:27 SapperXvX ☆☆☆ Reshiram CP-53394 ☆☆☆ adding; *First 10* Sorry if we cant get everyone after 10. ⊙ SapperXvX 0696-4770-3390 Hope you all get perfect ivs... Good Luck!

Good Luck Everyone.
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2021.12.02 00:27 YellowRoses82 The Lilly Problem

I'm all for this horrendous show. I'm watching, laughing at the ridiculous CGI, monotone acting, and, convoluted stories. As a fan of Lost, Back to the Future, Avengers, and everything in between - gimme time travel whackiness any day of the week.
But...We gotta talk Lilly
It doesn't make sense. No time travel rules/stories have done with they've done with her story. Let me break this down so at least I can see it

  1. Lilly, the child, was probably born in 2010.
  2. Ella, the adult, was living in Washington state when Lilly was born/alive for 11 years
  3. Lilly gets kidnapped for a while and gets sucked into the sinkhole.
  4. Ella starts to remember shit from living in the sinkhole for a whopping 7 days
  5. Lilly doesn't make it to Isaiah but gets sucked into the portal and is in 1988
  6. Ella says sure, I'll jump into the sinkhole to Seattle in 10,000 BC or whenever that is, because Veronica is in a freakin bear trap made of iron.
  7. Lilly is in 1988 because she has to GROW UP into Ella, around age 45 in 2021

So, Ella is living life in Seattle and when we hit 2010, she's born again
The whole thing irks me. If she remembers the Sinkhole Land, why wouldn't she remember her family before that? If going through the light erases your memory, then keep it like that. You can't just remember certain things and not your life before the light. Like Gavin - he only remembers Sinkhole Land cause he was born there.
And why didn't anyone say to Lilly that she can't find her family because they weren't even a family in 1988?!
The Lilly storyline is off.
I mean, the whole show is off, but this storyline just got complicated for the sake of time travel rules.
Am I still going to watch? Of course!
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2021.12.02 00:27 Valsarta My Sato from Puerto Rico!

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2021.12.02 00:27 Cute-Strawberry-8821 The finished result (from older post)

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2021.12.02 00:27 CinnamonCubing We weren't expecting this.....

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2021.12.02 00:27 Sad-Ad-9038 everyday sex tips

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2021.12.02 00:27 Tkhrnaj フジテレビが希望退職募集もみんなコネ入社だから「辞めない社員多い」指摘が出る特殊な社内事情😲 [956081266]

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2021.12.02 00:27 Butter_off_ My BF won’t eat my cupcake

Please tell me if I’m wrong or overreacting. My bf won’t eat my kewchie, but he expects me to give him head. I have been do it and never complain and just suggest it to him. He has only done it to me five times and told me he would be inclined to do it more when I lose the weight. This man has put on 40 plus pounds and has sometimes smelled so rancid and I still blew him to show that I cared out about his pleasure and experience. I always shower and have never asked him if it wasn’t clean. Also, once he comes he doesnt even address me and my orgasm. He allows pornography for both of us but I very much prefer a vibrator and he hates that I want one. I feel if he isn’t even gonna make an effort to finish me then why does it matter if I have a vibratory or not? Like wtf!!! I’m sorry I’m just heated because I asked him for foreplay because I feel our bedroom time is in a slump and he got so upset. Now I’m upset because how is he angry when I’m the one hardly getting any satisfaction.
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2021.12.02 00:27 CreativeStrawberry11 Interesting info about shake at Greenlight

So, while talking to one of the budtenders, I asked if they were selling shake. I was told that they are selling it for a couple of strains at $68 1/4 oz. And that it tests very close to the flower from the same strain and grow. When he told me that one package came in looking like it was all kief, and it had been set aside, to avoid complaints from customer who expect a more normal looking shake, I asked if I could buy it. I hated to wait a day to go get it, but it was still available today. High hopes for this Peanut Butter Breath 'shake'.
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2021.12.02 00:27 acidwalker90 How stupid can you be?

Pirating and watching ripped movies on stream - Twitch
You can clearly see the rip names in his other vods too. What a dumbass.
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