Y’all rocking wit dis ?

2021.12.02 00:42 Previous_Bet4843 Y’all rocking wit dis ?

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2021.12.02 00:42 Opening_Cellist1371 18 [M4A] just looking for new friends and will talk about anything

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2021.12.02 00:42 Drew-Money ETH Fees are trying to hold me back. HELP!

ETH Fees are trying to hold me back. HELP!
So I've been trying to purchase some ONE (Harmony) in order to buy WAGMI (Euphoria) through ViperSwap and in order to do that I sent some DAI to my metamask first.
Unfortunately the ETH fees are outrageous. I've been hearing about this problem for months but I didn't know that you can get charged ETH fees for using the ETH mainnet even though you aren't transferring ETH itself. I have a screenshot below.

I really don't want to pay $60 to send $505 somewhere. That makes staking Euphoria much riskier. Is there a way for me to transfer this from metamask to somewhere else (for low fees) and then buy Harmony another way?
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.02 00:42 ProbablyNotOkyes Damon vs Engerica

Ok folks let’s look at this with clinical precision. We have a company that has produced a product for the last few years and a company that is yet to deliver a product to a customer. One has made a reputation by producing a product that has been raced at the highest level, and one that keeps using the same model to show their product month after month. Which vehicle should I put my money down on? And….. begin.
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2021.12.02 00:42 Isg_00 Test

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2021.12.02 00:42 SaitosElephant Can I use Elastic Beanstalk and Github?

Want to version control my source code for my web server written using React and NodeJS, but I also want to deploy on AWS. There is a guide here that describes how to use Elastic Beanstalk, which seems useful, but then I read when using CodeDeploy:

CodeDeploy is targeted at customers who manage their EC2 instances directly, instead of those who use an application management service like AWS Elastic Beanstalk or AWS OpsWorks that have their own built-in deployment features.
Is there a better way to do what I want?
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2021.12.02 00:42 BelgianDart Um...what???

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2021.12.02 00:42 Ok-Specific-900 Shroom growing Question

Hey! I’m about ready to harvest my shrooms in my grow bag, and i was wondering what steps would i take to get another flush going? i have a filter patch type growing bag! Thank you.
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2021.12.02 00:42 StillwaitingforGeno So no update notification?

Usually it drops by this time each month
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2021.12.02 00:42 DryButterscotch2403 What is the weirdest injury you have ever had ?

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2021.12.02 00:42 hulk1818181 WhAt SpEcIaL qUaLiTy DoEs ThIs MoNkEy HaVe

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2021.12.02 00:42 Appropriate-Chip1902 Picture from the past is making me stress about the future.

My MIL has been suffering from dementia for several years. She is 70 years old and is in a full time memory care facility. She is nonverbal and unable to move or eat on her own. I have known anecdotally that her father (my husband’s grandfather) also had some form of dementia. I recently came across a photo from the 90s of my MIL and my husband as a child sitting next to his grandfather who is very clearly in a wheelchair and hospital gown, staring blankly off to the side. The picture is a spitting image of how my MIL looks when we visit her today. Same stern stare off to the side. It’s eery and heartbreaking.
I know there are still a lot of unknowns about the genetics of dementia. Other than telling your primary care physician about dementia in family history, has anyone had preventative visits with a doctor that they found beneficial? I know the general “eat right” and “exercise” advice…but I wonder if there’s something more we should be doing now that we have my MILs diagnosis and her father’s medical history from relatives. TIA.
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2021.12.02 00:42 Jarvis2123 purchased home august, there was a previous ceiling repair noticed day 2 of being here, since opened up with several other cracks, does anyone know about these cracks if we just have bad framing, drywall, foundation? Never have dealt with anything like this and desperate on how to fix

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2021.12.02 00:42 TipTopTaste_YT Oven Baked Turkey Meatballs! Keto Gluten free Recipe, So Healthy! Juicy & Flavorful Turkey Meatball!

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2021.12.02 00:42 bstie Any Freelance Discord Designers?

We're looking for a freelancer to do a full professional setup of our discord for our gaming channel. Does anyone here offer this type of service, or know anyone they can reference us?

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2021.12.02 00:42 JDe_Martin (SELLING) Shang Chi 4K - Die Hard

Shang Chi - 4K - MA SPLIT + DMI pts - $10
Die Hard - HD - Vd / GP / MA - $3.50
-- I accept most forms of payment, thx! (PP, Venmo, Cash App, Gpay)
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2021.12.02 00:42 NatsuKazuXIII that moment when you feel like designing your teapot but the game says

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2021.12.02 00:42 stalinclaus_1944 Pooh shiesty after getting out of jail

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2021.12.02 00:42 DriftN2Forty [homemade] Smoke with some Ribs

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2021.12.02 00:42 phaatballaz Which social media platform receives the most hate and why tiktok?

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2021.12.02 00:42 Forward-Most Jacques in boxes if anyone is interested in him!

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2021.12.02 00:42 Monsur_Ausuhnom [Julie Brown] Ghislaine Maxwell accuser faces harsh grilling over inconsistencies at sex trafficking trial

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2021.12.02 00:42 JustTechStuff Someone Used My Email Address to Create a Patreon Account. Why Would They Do That?

Want to contribute to someone's Patreon and when I went to sign up (first time ever) I got a message saying my email address had already been used and when I tried to change the password so I could log in to see what was going on I got another message saying the account had been deleted for fraudulent activity. Tried a different email address and got the SAME response.
Again, I've never had a Patreon account so all of this is a mystery to me. I just want to sign up to I can contribute to another account. What am I supposed to do?
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2021.12.02 00:42 Commercial_Kid Mental health went up from 30 to 50 percent, but only received 10% overall increase?

Hi, I filed for an increase for mental health and just found out it went up from 30% to 50%. I was at 80% and now it's at 90% overall. Wouldn't it have gone to 100%? Should I talk to my VSO about it?
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