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What is a really good smart AI that I can get my hands on and play with?

2021.12.02 00:27 Johan2016 What is a really good smart AI that I can get my hands on and play with?

I really like artificial intelligence. That is my new obsession and I must have one
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2021.12.02 00:27 tyricgaius Generic Highschool DxD Fanfic Jump New Version!

Generic Highschool DxD Fanfic Jump New Version by the badass u/DonChief!!

Gender & Age:
  1. Get Into Swing of Things - (100 CP)
  2. Mythic Mediator - (400 CP/Discount 200 CP)
  3. Merger of Disparate Realms - (600 CP/Discount 300 CP)
  4. Experience - (100 CP)
  1. Don’t Need No Faction - (200 CP/Discount 100 CP)
Whether due to another bug in the Heaven System or a backup plan put into motion by the Biblical God before His passing, you've been entrusted with the newborn inheritor of the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth. The baby can project a halo, turn water into grape juice, refuse to get into the bathtub, and perform other minor, age-appropriate manifestations of the Savior's various miracles and righteous deeds, but their personal power will never exceed that of an ordinary human child until they turn thirteen - or twelve, if Jesus came back as a girl. Your task is to make sure the Christ-child lives that long, and then to help them reach the equivalent of Ultimate Class power, all the while ensuring they remain both human and a genuinely Good person. Until such time as you've completed that task, Jesus must not enter Heaven, for the Holy Spirit came back as well - or perhaps more accurately, was woken up by the return of another portion of the Trinity - and is slowly fixing the mess God's System has become in His absence. While this is not a bad thing, exactly, if the Son and Holy Ghost are ever in the same realm, they will automatically and inexorably attempt to reunite, and their reunion will end badly if Jesus is not physically capable of containing that power and wielding it in a mature and righteous manner. The angels aren't currently aware of any of this, and while they will eventually realize that the Son has returned, their first impulse will be to find the little one and take them straight to Heaven for safety's sake. You're going to have to convince them to let the child stay on Earth. I don't recommend resorting to force, because the angels will have been reinvigorated by the return of their (sort-of) Father, Michael still has his sword (and possibly an axe), Gabriel her spear and trumpet, Metatron has been learning ninjutsu, and they and their brethren will pull out all the stops and go Old Testament to protect and rescue Baby Jesus if the situation calls for it, and possibly even if it doesn't. About the only consolation is that they won't go so far that they'd Fall, but that still leaves a worrying broad range of options - at least, "random property damage" wasn't on the list of mortal sins, last I heard. The second major issue is all the other Factions, approximately none of whom will be thrilled by the idea that God could return, or are entirely too eager to lend a hand. You don't want to see Jesus as raised by Kokabiel or Rizevim, someone like Cao Cao wouldn't really be any better, and you probably don't want to see what Serafall's influence would...well, no, Magical Girl Jesus-chan would probably be the cutest thing ever, but Serafall would want the world to know. Avoiding this sort of attention is going to be hard enough as-is, given ALL of the angels are going to be stopping by periodically to make sure you're raising the kid right, that nothing's gone wrong, and just to bask in their sheer cuteness. There are other issues, of course. For one, because the Holy Spirit is fixing the Heaven System, certain safeguards on Sacred Gears are going to start coming back online. Balance Breakers and mutations will become progressively harder to unlock and use, Gear-stealing devices such as Raynare employed will gradually stop working, many a Devil who thought they could obtain a powerful Piece for their Peerage is going to find themselves disappointed, and bearers who don't use their Sacred Gearsrighteously may start experiencing performance issues. While again not precisely a bad thing, this does have the potential to radically alter the balance of power seen in canon, particularly in regards to shounen-style escalation. For similar reasons, the Church is going to find that various prayers, relics, and rites are either gaining supernatural potency or becoming more so than they already were- but only in the hands of true believers, and when wielded in righteous cause. While this will slowly empower the genuinely Good parts of the Church, the less-than-Good parts will try to exploit it, and the downright bad parts will become desperate to hold on to their position and power. Once again, the balance of power may shift as a result.
For your great service done for not just the Heavens but mankind, The Holy Spirit is more than happy to lend you a portion of its power, which by the time of your next jump will have gone from a mere spark to a blazing inferno of holy might, granting all the power the Biblical God had at his strongest. The most basic is a boost of power strong enough for a formerly mortal man with little real power to go head to head with beings like Trihexa or Great Red, if not necessarily win. Your full might unleashed could easily make entire planets tremble in awe and fear. Next is a truly unparalleled holy nature. Forget being in your presence, just staying in a single spot for a day could consecrate the location so strongly that even high-class devils would immolate if they entered. Finally, you have the ability to manifest Miracles. It can not be overstated how truly terrifying this ability is. The closest comparison to these Miracles is perhaps the imagination magic of devilkind, or maybe the authorities of the divine. Just by burning a bit of your magical energy and willing something to happen, perhaps with a few spoken words, the universe twists and bends to accomplish your desire. The infamous phrase “let there be light” could birth a miniature sun at your fingertips in an instant, and a single whisper could shatter all but the most truly mighty and complex magical wards and enchantments. Likewise a few words from you could wipe out modern civilization as the planet is rocked by every natural disaster imaginable. Unlike the authorities of the divine, your miracles are in no way limited in scope, being able to accomplish anything you have the raw energy to accomplish. And unlike the imagination magic of the devils, since your miracles aren’t any form of magic, there is no way to counteract or prevent them short of some opposing form of reality-warping. Also, it lacks the key weakness of being extremely expensive to use, as your Miracles are efficient enough for you to immolate armies with a few drops of magical energy.
Excalibur, greatest and most holy of swords, was tragically shattered some time ago, later being reforged into the current 7 Excalibur blades. But these blades, mighty as they are, still utterly pale in comparison to the original. This travesty can stand no longer, and so your quest now is to reforge the original Excalibur but whatever means possible. This of course first requires you to acquire all 7 Holy Swords, something that is bound to draw the ire of both the Church and the Heavens. And then there is the actual act of remaking the original blade, a feat that the Heavens and the Church have utterly failed at, despite their best efforts. Accomplishing this legendary feat will grant a predictable reword. You will be given Excalibur itself, fiat-backed as if you purchased it in this document. Beyond being a Holy Sword nearly as sharp as Durandal and with a holy element nearly as strong as Caliburn, and having an plethora of useful and powerful abilities, this special scenario-only version of the sword can also summon the 7 lesser Excaliburs to aid you in combat, flying through the air at your will, or granting their might to people you lend them to.
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2021.12.02 00:27 something_broken Sorry about the broken timesheet

I was laid off some time ago. They said it was because my role was being phased out, but it was really because I'd brought up some safety concerns and they didn't like that I wouldn't leave it alone.
One of my responsibilities was helping with a complicated timesheet run out of Excel and used by the department. Some key functionality of the file relied on Google APIs and in order to get a key I had to provide a credit card. My previous company card expired the month I was let go and I hadn't yet updated the account with my new card. As soon as the month ended, the old card was no longer valid and the key for the APIs stopped working. I'm the only person with the Google account login.
I found out through some old co-workers that they could never get it to work again and what had once been a simple, automated process now required a lot of manual entry for each of the 100+ employees. Not to mention the upkeep the timesheet required when employees were added/removed or the countless other little things that no one else knew how to do.
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2021.12.02 00:27 TreyDolla 1.8 mill mc, first decentralized options platform… This is something to ape on.

Decentralized options? If this doesn’t scream “degen” idk what does $IBFR 0xa296ad1c47fe6bdc133f39555c1d1177bd51fbc5 check it out. Micro mc and only going up
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2021.12.02 00:27 Saifidrisi97 Hello my first ever NFT is up for auction

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2021.12.02 00:27 ObnoxiousOldBastard WA Nationals MP on child sex abuse charges

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2021.12.02 00:27 No_Buyer411 Shriya Saran UHQ pic Zoom in & enjoy !!!

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2021.12.02 00:27 otakudiary1 Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department Anime Adds 3 Cast Members

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2021.12.02 00:27 ElGatoGuerrero72 LF: Flame Body Magby FT: Magnemite

Looking for Magby but unfortunately don’t have much to give away at this time. If anyone is kind enough to help, it’d be much appreciated!
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2021.12.02 00:27 Xx_Edge_xX Can someone explain what they mean by "Yamato feels rushed"?

Like I'll be the first to call out when something Oda does feels rushed or "off" but I genuinely have no idea how he could've made Yamato feel more included prior to her introduction in Onigashima. Yamato wants nothing to do with Kaido so you can't have a scene similar to how Pudding was set up, she can't leave Onigashima so no way she played a role in acts 1 and 2, and Kaido couldn't reveal Yamato as the new shogun until the raid because that's when he wanted to kill Orochi. I'm sure Oda could force some contrived scene for her but I really don't see how you could include Yamato earlier without it feeling more forced than what we got anyway.
Moreover, I'm not sure why people call her a poorly designed character. Yamato would have to have seen the horrible things Kaido was doing to the people of Wano and being moved by a character's dying speech is nothing new to the series so her betrayal/motivation adds up. If any character would have access to Oden's journal or meet the people of Wano it'd absolutely be someone like Yamato who could meet the captured samurai or have access to their confiscated stuff. Of course she'd meet Ace if he visited Onigashima, she can't go anywhere else (it's more of an asspull that the beast pirates so happened to be gone). And even her absurd strength makes sense when you consider how strong Luffy got in a couple days with sea prism stone hand cuffs, apply that to Yamato who's basically had limiters on her whole life on top of being whatever race Kaido is AND fighting one of the strongest characters in one piece + his crew daily.
Her "forcing herself on Luffy's crew" is just her mimicking what Oden did, she really doesn't know any better.
Only thing I'd agree is questionable is that she somehow got an incredibly important devil fruit from kaido and knows how to use it. Like why would a child be able to grab this fruit? Were there no guards? Was it not locked up or anything? And the fact she's had her shackles her whole life yet is perfectly able to use her devil fruit is a huge leap. I feel like it would've been easier to say she was working with Kaido, he gave her the fruit, had some time to use it, but was moved to change sides after Oden's speech.
But even then just a bit of context makes this problem go away too. I'd just like to understand everyone's problems with her because I really can't find any.
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2021.12.02 00:27 netmex5678 StubHub is attempting to force me to pay for penalties I did not violate

I recently listed some Tyler, The Creator tickets, they sold on Nov 19th, but I didn’t get an email or anything. I checked to see if my listing was still up and it was gone so I figured StubHub must’ve removed it since I didn’t get an email or anything. I re-uploaded the listing, it sold, I go to my sales page and it says I sold my tickets a while ago. StubHub is now trying to make me pay the $300, even though they completely failed to notify me. I’ll be contacting my bank if they try to take a dime out of my account. I’m beyond infuriated. After contacting support with multiple screenshots showing I never received the e-mail, this is what they had to say. “Unfortunately, we're unable to waive a penalty charge due to this. We see that the notification email was sent. Regardless of if it was received or not, we hold all sellers responsible to monitor their own sales. For this reason, we recommend that sellers remove their listing before selling their tickets elsewhere so we can avoid these kinds of charges. The charge will remain valid since this sale will not be fulfilled as promised.” The notification email was never sent by the way.
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2021.12.02 00:27 Crazy_Buffalo3782 Bros. I need help. PS4 VR or Switch Lite?

I want to play animal crossing and Mario kart with my family. But Im also super curious about playing in VR. I prefer to buy physical games so it’d definitely be a PS4 VR rather than a PC based set. So. Help me make up my mind.
If you got one of the two, which would you choose?
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2021.12.02 00:27 snkde 18-Page Crayola Color Wonder Coloring Book & 5 Mess-Free Markers (Blue's Clues & You!) $3.60 + Free S&H w/ Prime or $25+

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2021.12.02 00:27 Familydisapointment1 Is POP a good brand

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2021.12.02 00:27 SENDOplus Figured I should start posting here more.. A tiktok rapper name dropped my brand in a snippet. thought this was pretty cool. wouldn't be where I am today w/o info from this sub, feeling blessed <3

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2021.12.02 00:27 pencilvesterasadildo Halo More Micros, than Game Modes?

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2021.12.02 00:27 shibauwu we might have bitten off more than we can chew by getting a puppy

Sometimes I feel like we made the wrong choice and that we simply were not ready. We've had our boy since May, he's nine months now. It's been really difficult and I feel like it's caused a strain in my partner and I's relationship. Raising a pup is hard work, we've spent over a thousand dollars on training and our pup still has behaviorial issues that seem to be taking forever to train him out of. Trying to balance raising a pup, consistent training and staying on top of my studies is exhausting, and I have been doing most of the work while my partner is at his 9 to 5. Parenting is so, so hard. I'm feeling regretful. I feel so guilty when I think about rehoming him but I could never do that to him or myself. I love him so much, he's just been so difficult since day one. I'm hoping things will get better with time but it's hard when it's causing a strain in a relationship. We were in such a good place when we got him.
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2021.12.02 00:27 booty_demolisher out of bud so i’m taking a t break but bought this to keep me sane lol 9/10

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2021.12.02 00:27 Joofongo Server reconnect bot

So I've been hosting an aternos server for me and a handful of friends but when I try to afk the server to stay open I get idle dc. Is there a bot/auto clicker I can set up that will say ok to the disconnect and press the button to put me back on the server. I don't want an autoclicker to keep me in the server because rumor has it aternos would delete servers with afkers in them.
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2021.12.02 00:27 heinaga1989 ETH fees are trying to hold me back. HELP!

So I'm trying to purchase some ONE (Harmony) in order to buy WAGMI (Euphoria) through ViperSwap and in order to do that I sent some DAI to my metamask first.

Unfortunately the ETH fees are outrageous. I've been hearing about this problem for months but I didn't know that you can get charged ETH fees for using the ETH mainnet even though you aren't transferring ETH itself. I have a screenshot below.


I really don't want to pay $60 to send $505 somewhere. That makes staking Euphoria much riskier. Is there a way for me to transfer this from metamask to somewhere else (for low fees) and then buy Harmony another way?

Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.02 00:27 EuldritchTheObserver Winking Rabbit [By aamypink]

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2021.12.02 00:27 wmupilot Any pilots or flight attendants [chat]

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2021.12.02 00:27 diehardman88 F's in the chat for the Ground bois that have trucks full of these. I only had one and it was heavy AF

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2021.12.02 00:27 mark_____0 What is this?

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2021.12.02 00:27 SonicTheHedgehog7 Dream

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