Those who celebrate Christmas, what do you want this year? (Serious)

2021.12.02 00:32 RogueRetlaw Those who celebrate Christmas, what do you want this year? (Serious)

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2021.12.02 00:32 PatrickGusc Looks like York really enjoys being touched.

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2021.12.02 00:32 ZoolShop Omicron is causing a range of illnesses from mild to severe, but vaccines will offer some protection, WHO says

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2021.12.02 00:32 Klh04 Forgot to add my social security number to common app

I’ve emailed the financial aid offices of all my schools but I only realized today and have ed/ea decisions coming out in 2 weeks or less. I have it attached to my FAFSA and CSS profile that I’ve submitted to the schools. Do you think this will make me ineligible for financial aid??
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2021.12.02 00:32 _Futureghost_ Update on woman who threatened mother and baby with a gun over a parking spot - she's been arrested!

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2021.12.02 00:32 Nyc_survivorfan Random Bleeding in the Middle of My Cycle

I’ve been on the combo pill for over 10 years now consistently. I’ve tried different pills but have been on one brand for the last several years. I just had my period about a week and half/ 2 weeks ago and a few days ago I started spotting and now I’m bleeding in the middle of my cycle with cramps. Any idea what it could be?
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2021.12.02 00:32 Realistic-Kick4549 #TheRealWorship #सत_भक्ति_संदेश अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj👇 पर Visit करें।

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2021.12.02 00:32 Holodout Cursed hemorrhoid

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2021.12.02 00:32 belle_fleures Started a channel, I'd like to share this wt y'all, I'm new to digital art and tried painting my old drawing. I'd like to hear your opinion! :)))

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2021.12.02 00:32 Intelligent-Sir1375 VRSex

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2021.12.02 00:32 lifeDNP Do you have a family discretionary trust and why?

Hi guys,
I'm just doing some research into whether it would be viable for me to set up a family discretionary trust as a way to build wealth and distribute it to the kids in 20 or so years time. Primary reason would be to take advantage of the tax benefits. I don't work in an at-risk occupation where I am at risk of bankruptcy or have some need to shelter my assets from creditors. Maybe I get sued randomly for some reason but I could also get hit by a bus so not trying to cover for some highly unlikely risk.
Doing some basic maths, assuming an initial setup cost of $5,000 and then on-going yearly costs of $2,000, over a period of 20-years is $45,000 in total, or $2,250 p.a.
Assuming a hypothetical maximum marginal tax rate benefit of 26% (45% mins 19%) means an annual income of at least $8,653 would need to be distributed from the highest earner to the lowest (assuming without the trust, all the income would be assessed to the highest earner).
The only situation I can see the trust generating that level of income p.a. is either if the trust owns a business, investment property or has a substantial (>$200K) worth of high-yielding investments.
If you ignore income but consider capital gains, assuming you buy and hold an investment from day 0 for 20 years, you would need to make a capital gain of ~$300k, which after the 50% discount would result in tax benefit that would offset $45,000 of total costs over 20 years.
If my maths is correct, it looks like a trust really doesn't add up for most people, at least as a vehicle for wealth accumulation.
So if you do have a family discretionary trust, just curious for what purpose and how you make the numbers work?
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2021.12.02 00:32 Iskanderdehz Question about combat and deciding on fast/slow turns

It is my understanding that combat goes like this:

  1. GM declares it is the fast turn. Any players who want to act in the fast turn, can do so.
  2. When no player wants to act in the fast turn anymore, the GM declares the NPC fast turn and handles this part.
  3. After the NPCs have their fast turn, the GM declares the player slow turn. Any PCs who haven't acted in the fast turn, can act in the slow turn.
  4. etc.

My current GM's understanding of combat sequence goes like this:
  1. Every player needs to declare if he wants to act in the slow or fast turn. And the GM decides which NPCs will act in the slow or the fast turn.
  2. Then each round is handled appropriately (PC fast -> NPC fast -> PC slow -> NPC slow)

Under the GM's understanding of things, this situation can happen:
  1. PC A declares he wants to do a fast turn (with the intention of stabbing NPC X)
  2. PC B also does a fast turn, and kills NPC X
  3. PC A now finds himself without any NPC in melee range, and, being armed only with a melee weapon, finds himself still stuck in the fast turn. Sure, he can declare a charge, but he can not decide to switch to a slow turn instead.
Now, my questions to you are:
  1. Who's understanding of the combat sequence is correct?
  2. Where can I find it in the rules?
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2021.12.02 00:32 alllixxx0102 Any fees are better than these spreads, it’s criminal EToro, look at the spread on XTZ and BNB

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2021.12.02 00:32 soglynch How it feels walking around with a pump on shoulder day

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2021.12.02 00:32 sum_dude44 Despite having worst OL in league by far, Tua is top 10 QBR (ahead of Dak, Mahomes, & Lamar)

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2021.12.02 00:32 trair_ Switching lenses help

Hey, I’ve got an a7iii and a tamron 28-75 f/2.8 currently. I’ve loved the lens so far, but am finding myself shooting only in the 50-75mm range for my social media pages- so I’m thinking of selling it in favor of some faster prime lenses. Any recommendations on which lenses I should look at within the same budget of what I’ll be able to get for the tamron?
Currently thinking either a 50 or 85 1.8 for my photo needs, and the tamron 20 mm 2.8 for talking head videos for reels / Tiktok. Would love to hear some other suggestions, thanks!
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2021.12.02 00:32 dipperdog Less than 2 percent of philanthropy goes toward our biggest threat — climate change

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2021.12.02 00:32 qazwsx127 My top issues that need to be fixed to keep me playing

I'm going to be honest and this may get me downvoted, I don't think this game's gameplay is the second coming of Christ like most of the community keeps reiterating so keep that in mind. I like it, it's solid, but not perfect. I think mechanics like clamber get in the way of gameplay and sprint is so minimal it is almost unnecessary.
With that in mind, I know things like that are here to stay and I will adapt to them. Here are the biggest issues that keep me from wanting to play non-stop.

The shotgun feels so nerfed, or at least different from past Halo games. I don't even know if it can 1 hit up close. I personally would like to see it's fire-rate reduced and damage increased to bring it back to the feel it had in Halo 1-5.
The Heatwave feels like the most inconsistent gun ever. Sometimes it melts, sometimes it feels like it just doesn't work.
THE SNIPER... something feels very off about it. Making it inaccurate while no-scoping was not the right decision. It's obvious that this was to nerf MKB players but it just isn't fun when you are at the mercy of RNG all the time. With how little aim assist it has and how fast you can change momentum to strafe I feel it's almost underpowered (at least for MKB and I'm a level 10 Faceit in CSGO. I am pretty decent at aiming).
And finally the commando. I feel it needs a buff or change. It is barely worth picking up over the BR. It has a lot of recoil already so maybe we can lose the bloom?
Let me hear you guys thoughts, oh and once last time, LET ME MUTE THE PERSONAL AI WHILE KEEPING VOICE COMMS AND THE ANNOUNCER!
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2021.12.02 00:32 Silverstorm200 FI RETURNING IN BOTW

It more of mini theory but I believe Fi or the spirit of master sword will make an appearance down the line.
At end the skyward sword, link place the sword in the pedestal that put Fi into a deep long sleep within the sword.
To quote Fi: " Drive your sword into the pedestal before you and I will return to the sword to enter a sleep without end"
This seems like the case since she is never refere or hinted at aging in any of the games in the timeline. Until it reaches the events of breath of wild, where we get small hints of Fi. In the final memory cutscene, Zelda holding Link and crying but noticing the sword glow a bluish color. While the same sound effect as " Fi summon" goes off to catch her attention.
The same can be said in the " True master sword" cutscene where the same sound effect goes off but this time it the sound of Fi returning to the sword. While this could be a fun easter egg but it could be connected to the idea that with the sword being badly damaged in BOTW. It forcibly re - awaken and damage Fi since the sword has a 10 minute cooldown if used too much.
Also, the fact that there are 3 trails similar to the 3 trails skyward sword Link had to do to make the sword. For skyward sword Link and his trails, they were forgiving and allowed him to use his items. But for BOTW link it is brutal because he is repairing the sword from a spiritual, physical, and mentality aspect. Which can also explain why it takes 13+ hearts to be able to pull out the master sword.
The sword may look fine but magic and spiritual it still broken which is why it drain so much energy to get it. Look at any other Link in a zelda game when they pull out the master, they got it with no problem. What the difference with BOTW link and his sword? His sword is broken and he has to repair and heal Fi.
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2021.12.02 00:32 s1mple_1107 [US-CA] [H] Paypal [W] Artisan Hayate Otsu XL, Artisan Zero XL

Hello! Looking to get myself an Artisan Zero soft XL or Artisan Hayate Otsu soft XL. Interested in x-soft as well. Thank you!
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2021.12.02 00:32 1AlphaMale_ Subscriber GIVEAWAY Episode!! How Many Packs To Complete The Pokémon Celebrations Master Set?

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2021.12.02 00:32 cheesemeese Bought my friend a RTX 3060 Ti, did we pay too much?

My friend paid me to camp outside microcenter to buy him a RTX 3060 Ti on black Friday. I managed to get one for about 589, 638 with tax. Did we pay too much? Cuz I paid around 780 for my 3080 back in Oct of 2020, and yes times have changed but I still thought the price we paid was a bit high. Thoughts?
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2021.12.02 00:32 Inevitable_Alps_5000 Question about bacteriophages.

I’ve been told that T4r could attack and grow in staphylococcus aureus bacteria. I’m a little skeptical about this because I remember T4r being “specialized” in ecoli bacteria. So can T4r and other bacteriophages grow in any bacteria?
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2021.12.02 00:32 fr15287 1u = 94 cm = 3′1″ | Here is how that conclusion was reached:

1u = 94 cm = 3′1″ | Here is how that conclusion was reached: Unlike what other people have tried, we can't use walking speed as a reference point to measure distance in this game, because the player character is not walking.
We can also not use creature size as a reliable reference point. Not only was this mechanic initially wrong, mixing up height and weight, but even in recent times, the heights can be very vague. For example, there has been at least one instance where the scanner claimed that a visibly taller creature was smaller than a visibly shorter creature.
This leaves us with the player character being the best reference point. Regardless of what any lore may say, we will for now assume that the default player character is the height of an average person: 180 cm. Wearing a helmet adds a few centimetres, so we will assume that the top of the main portion of the helmet is located 185 cm above the ground.
In this image, the player is approximately 415 pixels tall, and the wall is approximately 664 pixels tall. This means that the wall is 1.6 times taller than the player, and if we multiply 185 cm by 1.6, we get that the height of the wall is 296 cm.
Image A: The wall is 1.6 times taller than the player.
In this image, the wall is approximately 685 pixels tall and 1170 pixels wide. This means that the wall's width is about 1.7 times that of its height. If we multiply 296 cm by 1.7, we get that the width of the wall is about 503 cm.
Image B: The wall's width is around 1.7 times that of its height.
The angles in these images are important, since they can give a skewed perspective otherwise, making the comparisons inaccurate. At the same time, circumventing that issue by zooming out more would introduce a greater margin of error when counting the pixels. As such, using these two images should hopefully give us the most accurate result we can get here without getting too complicated. In the end, it's fair to round things up a bit, and say that the aspect ratio of a wall is close to 5:3, and that the width of a wall is about 5 metres. And the width of a wall is equal to the side length of a floor.
This conclusion is not entirely satisfying, since we have rounded down a few results from some of the previous calculations, and the wall's width would be closer to 510 cm if we were really strict on sticking to each step, but we will assume that all this falls within our margin of error. In order to make it easy for ourselves, we can slightly adjust things so that they fit with the result we got. The conclusion is that a floor measures 5x5 metres.
Here we see the player view while looking at a Save Beacon separated by ten floors, or 50 metres. Being located 53u away, we can divide 50 by 53 and get that 1u is equal to about 94 cm. Notice that distance appears to be calculated from your camera view rather than your character's actual position, so in third person view, distances would be stated to be about 4u further away than when you are looking in first person view. Both the Save Beacon and the player character were positioned as close to the center edge as possible of their respective floors, in order to make the value as accurate as possible.
Image C: Separated by ten floors, the Save Beacon is located 53u away from the player.
All in all, this means that 1u ≈ 94 cm ≈ 3′1″
As you hopefully understand, these are all approximations. This does not claim to be an exact value, but it should be much more accurate than previous estimates which may have been discussed online.
While on the topic of this, notice that the perception of size and distance typically becomes skewed when viewing a game in first person. Image C is an excellent example of this, where the Save Beacon really doesn't look to be 50 metres away. This is in no way unique to No Man's Sky, but rather an issue with monitor size, depth perception, field of view and the player's ability to move in video games overall, where many items, creatures and distances will appear significantly smaller than they really are. As such, even though 1u is equal to 94 cm, you will most likely perceive it to be around half of that length, if even that.

Notice: All we have learned from this is the length unit u, but not any of the speed units derived from it. While driving a ship at top speed without activating the Pulse Drive, the speed meter in your ship is extremely inaccurate as far as current testing goes. Travelling between two common reference points, a ship with a top speed that's 4.3 times greater than the top speed of another ship, would only reach its destination in about 85% of the time it would take for the slower ship. So while it is indeed faster, it's not as many times faster as the speed meters in the game would indicate. All in all, more testing is needed here before any good conclusions can be drawn.
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2021.12.02 00:32 Illustrious_Board_87 Slurricane 3.5 Justice Crops (fat ass seed) no smell very disappointing for 60 bucks and as soon as i bought my dispensary got a shipment for london pound mints and only wanted $45 😒🙄 i rather went with that! Nice jar tho😂

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