"Cikgu tak jawab soalan saya ye... Terimalah akibatnya"

2021.12.01 23:58 ADMalay001 "Cikgu tak jawab soalan saya ye... Terimalah akibatnya"

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2021.12.01 23:58 Drunk_Turtle42 glitch

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2021.12.01 23:58 thesmarttitan JJBA Stone Ocean (Manga vs Anime) | Ep 01-03

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2021.12.01 23:58 LpcArk357 Can't find my right bud :(

I know 100% that the bud is in my house. I lost it yesterday because I was using one bud and must have set it down at some point. Haven't taken it anywhere else. The battery is not dead either. Only problem is Samsung Find turns up nothing. It only connects to my left bud. I hit search nearby and walked all over the house. I'm actually really disappointed in the find feature. If only I could make the bud ring :/
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2021.12.01 23:58 toptoyouyoutube 'The Five' rip new Biden COVID restrictions - YouTube

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2021.12.01 23:58 Own-Night1353 Face tattoos have no business being so cute (21)

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2021.12.01 23:58 djv189 Forged in Fire x Demon Slayer

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2021.12.01 23:58 crunchycheetochub Help !

I’ve just reunited with my dobe and I’ve run into a challenge with my nana’s dog. She (nana’s dog) was not fond of him coming into her territory which is understandable but the concerning thing is that as she was going ballistic the first night I brought him home (last night) my nana tried to grab her to pull her away from the door and she nipped at her and scratched her. She’s also highly untrained. Even with my boy outside in his crate in the kennel she will not stop yapping at him and we’re concerned for my grandparents safety. I’ve gotten some great advice from my trainer friends but wanted to get more input here.
My dobe is currently at a boarding facility as of today because my nana’s dog would not stop barking at him (to which he wouldn’t respond, he’s very sweet and mellow)
That being said, anyone got some pointers as to how i can introduce them and make this transition a good experience for them both?
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2021.12.01 23:58 smartyr228 Su Yung has us figured out

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2021.12.01 23:58 Kitsukami_cos [Cosplay] Taelia The Snow Faerie

[Cosplay] Taelia The Snow Faerie I hope this is allowed but I thought to share the love of my neopets cosplay!
photos by marokiandy on IG
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2021.12.01 23:58 wrinklecrinkle3000 Nightmare meet and greet

Woman shows up with her daughter and the red flags 🚩 begin:

  1. She states, “I googled your building -is this affordable housing? Do you live here? What’s your rent?” To which I reply, “yes I live here, rent is xx a month but they offer affordable housing based on a law of the state for some people that meet that threshold” (I live in a luxury building) regardless I think it’s really shitty to ask someone if they basically don’t have the finances to pay their rent. Especially as her first sentence.
  2. This woman tells me how she’s given away her two previous dogs because her dog did not like them (after saying her dog is fine with dogs) and then says dogs should serve her and her family.
  3. She tells me the dog previously went to another daycare center locally that I know of but she was injured there and she tried to sue them but now she still takes the dog there even though the dog doesn’t get along with other dogs. Also continually talking about how awful the owner is.
  4. Says she usually uses another sitter nearby as well but the sitter boards multiple dogs which she also finds unacceptable and even that sitter doesn’t respond to her.
  5. She stated her dog as being 30 pounds and then when we met said her dog was 40 the exact weight limit on my buildings website. Which I find extremely creepy and further the dog is definitely more than that.
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2021.12.01 23:58 toptoyouyoutube November '21 Basic Cable Ranker: Fox News Marks 9 Consecutive Months at No. 1 in Total ...

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2021.12.01 23:58 _kiminara /MarbleMachineX Subdirect Statistics

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2021.12.01 23:58 AcassioRP Unjustified

nvidia Just deleted my post showing the absurd prices that we pay on their products in Brazil
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2021.12.01 23:58 darius1f open it

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2021.12.01 23:58 toptoyouyoutube 19-year-old dead after falling from Pat O'Brien's balcony in New Orleans - Fox 8

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2021.12.01 23:58 stanktank410 Help! Need friends for daily gifting!

Need gifts! 2323 4758 5741
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2021.12.01 23:58 CertainAd46 A question from a tired husband

Sorry this is longer than I expected.
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this type of question, or maybe it's more of a vent. So apol in advanced.
Background for my wife: My wife has had a previous marriage that ended from her ex cheating on her. She also is the mother to two children from said marriage. Currently in the military, and has a strong caffine addiction.
Background for myself: Around the winter of 2019 while I was in the military I was dating around and ended up meeting my wife. I had just moved to a new base in Florida after being oversees for 3 years.
The Beginning: Like most new relationships there were so many things that I loved about this woman, she would make a 45m trip from her base to come see me every night and leave to go back to work in the morning, make dinner, always kept in contact and was very honest with me about her past and current life. We had almost everything in common and got along great for the first three months we rarely agrued and and the love between us seemed unbreakable and my family adored her.
There are very few things about my wife at this point that were "red flags". A couple things about her that I found odd was her lack of communication with her family, and when she would get upset she wouldn't talk or send me a long hurtful message, also would drink or leave my house. These were things that while annoying were also not out of the usual for some people. The biggest thing that I wasn't okay with was her keeping an abusive ex boyfriend as a friend who would consistently try to come between us and stir things up.
When things changed:
After a few months she was told that she would be moving to another state for work, immediately we were asking each other if long distance would work. We both love each other and came up with plans on how to make things work. After about a month of distance things were great; we video called every night and fell asleep on the calls, we would call each other throughout the day, heck (personal) we even managed to keep the sex life active during this. But there was a problem, before meeting her ex and her had a storage unit with both of there stuff in it and she had to turn the keys over to him, to told her just to be safe and call me when the action happened. I remember this like it was yesterday when she called me and said that he forced a kill onto her.. she was balling over the phone and was thinking that I would just ghost her and end it. I was pissed, but I put it behind me and just told her to cut ties and leave it at that. She agreed and we moved on.
Month later i started making flights every other week out to the state she was stationed at. I meet her kids and everything was great, active sex life and the love was flowing between us all. Obviously there were moments of silence from her at times but we got through it. She opened up to me about how she was financially struggling so I gave her thousands of dollars to get and apartment and helped furnish it, at this point she was just living from hotel to hotel. I told her not to worry about paying me back because I had asked her to marry me shortly before. Because we were going to be getting married eventually (covid times) we talked about having a baby; and long behold we consived shorty after. Because we were waiting on getting married due to covid-19 the military wouldn't let me move to her state to flight continued every other week.
Where it gets bad:
Around August of last year halfway through her pregnancy; it was a normal day and I got a call from my mother that my grandfather pasting away, I went into the garage to continue talking and closed the door. Her daughter 3 at the time way yelling and trying to come in so I closed the door on her and continued my call. Upon coming upstairs I told my wife about it and she didn't make eye contact, or anything. She just said "I'm sorry to hear that". I just responded with thank thinking it was weird. The silence continues for days, and then a week. I ask her what's wrong and she says nothing. About two weeks later (everyday I feel horrible like I did something wrong) I ask her again "are you sure everything is okay?" She tells me that when I closed the door on her daughter she started crying. I apologize of course and told her my reason behind doing this... still no talking for another week. At this point I'm breaking down and crying every day, I'm confused as to why I'm getting treated like this. Until one day she tells me that she can do everything without me. So much happened in these few weeks that I have a hard time writing about it.
Eventually my stress and anxiety gets to me and I let loose and tell her she's not treating me with respect. She then blew up on me and told me that she doesn't need me and I should leave. So I did. I left and went back to where I was stationed for a few days. It ate at me, killed me, I couldn't sleep. So I flew back for three days. That night I got there I sat on the couch next to her and told her that I love her, and I'm sorry I screwed up.... not a word came out of her mouth. We laid down in bed and then she randomly comes over and kisses me like were back to normal. I'm happy, relived, and fell asleep soon after. The next morning while on the way to the store she's still quite and I ask her is she's okay. She just said "I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that." The I don't leave you continued that night and I had enough, I told her that I love her and our son but I was dying inside. So I left her, for 4 months.
During this time there were many messages exchanged but most of me apologizing for everything and her sending paragraphs about how she doesn't need me and and do anything by herself.
After so much abuse I was told by family and a therapist to let her go. So I blocked her and tried to move on with my life
The ups and downs:
December of last year is was pulling myself out of debt from taking care of the bills from her side and mine. I was working out and getting healthy, he'll even getting promoted at work. I was playing games and got a email from her, telling me that our son is due in a month and she hopes I'm doing well and that she was sorry for how things ended. At this point I was still sore from what happened, still loved her, and missed the shit out of her. I replied telling her how I felt and that I was doing better.(there was a month where things almost ended for me). The second I send the email I got a call from a random number, I let it ring though. Again it calls so I answer it... it was her, crying on the phone(never once heard her cry) she was surp that I still had feelings for her and that she missed me as well. My heart was full of emotions. Long story short she apologized for how she acted and we got back together.
My son was born with me there, we ended up getting married in the months following, and again we rarely argued. Some things changed, and we both had to have a lot of talks and healing. But it was happy. Our sex life was there, not a much as I'd like but thats what having kids is like. Her money issues are still there at this point but I'm recovering from my debt and help as much as possible.
The current: (last 8 months)
To make this short, I left the military early so we could be together, I've been sending her half of my pay to help with her bills and debt, at times not paying my own to allow her to breath. And we live together everyday for the first time. The last year I've noticed that she is incredibly old, cleans the whole house everyday, every item has a specific place. I get passed that because that's just how she is. But the issue is she has a week where she is happy. And then a week where she is mad at me, still won't talk, and when she does she makes me feel like crap and tells me how she doesn't need me. And it's always over a text. I try to get passed it by being nice to her and doing all the chores, kid stuff, and making sure when she gets home she can just relax. But now she's been having me sell personal stuff to help with more bills. I had to sell my computer just to help pay off her debt. I feel like she only loves me when it's convenient.
To cut it short here are a list of things she does:
Tells me that she doesn't need me, just her kids.
The kids are all that matters
Won't talk to me for week(s) at a time
Won't say I love you back (until she cools off)
Avoids being in the same room as me
Watches Netflix on her phone until 12pm in bed
Won't eat food I cook for her
Drinks until I have to hold her head over the toilet (I don't drink)
There's more, so much more. But I'll end it with this..
I'm so drained, every week I hope it just stays happy forever, and when it gets bad I just forgive and forget. I think to myself "am I even worth anything". I cry when I go to sleep when it's bad. I stress from not paying my debt, and worry about hers at the same time. I try telling her to talk to someone, but she wont,, and if she did she would say everything is fine. I feel abused. The last month I've cut myself, tried closed the garage door and turning the car on, debated driving into a poll, or even taking a whole bottle of pills. But I don't because of that one week of bliss where she loves me. I love her, and I know somewhere in there she does too. But I'm going crazy. I just don't know anymore, if I left she would be screwed, and if I stay I don't know how long I can do it. I know there's help out there, but it useless if only 50% or us are willing. I would do anything to have her happy all the time.
Sorry for the Long post. I just have nowhere else to vent.
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2021.12.01 23:58 jayden870 Relapsed

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2021.12.01 23:58 cplikes2draw How much is new parasol worth in diamonds right now?

Im thinking of possibly selling my parasol for diamonds so I can buy christmas stuff since I wanna get in to season lol. So I need to know the worth before I make a move
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2021.12.01 23:58 mrfoos07 Big woman

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2021.12.01 23:58 toptoyouyoutube Dallas Cowboys, battling COVID and injuries, face big test Thursday in New Orleans | FOX Sports

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Referral Code: JR82CVMP
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