Oh great Ouija, what language should I learn?

2021.12.01 23:42 Cornhubg Oh great Ouija, what language should I learn?

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2021.12.01 23:42 NewsElfForEnterprise Top oil producers may freeze output amid Omicron concerns

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2021.12.01 23:42 cku-ram3n imo ring ring is underrated, didnt like clever’s verse at the start but grew on me by time

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2021.12.01 23:42 amnesiac7 Senator Ted Cruz blocks Biden's State Department nominees

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2021.12.01 23:42 KrystalWulf Cryopods Crafting On Ab with The Awful Drop Spawns?

Hello, I am playing on Ab. I need/want to make cryopods to help me get through the Blue and Red zones to to rock drake nest, and then have my dino pal around in the trench and when I get out again.
I have everything I need for the cryopods including the engram learned. I cannot find any supply drops through. I know of two locations that are unreliable and neither had a drop (one has the drop under the map, so even it isn't much use). Are there any reliable locations in either Green or Blue zone, with near exact coords? Or would it be better to just spawn cyropods in and then toss the materials needed to make each one?
I am aware there's more common drops on the surface. I don't have a rock drake, even if I could (and I can) get to the surface I'd be one-shot by a reaper king. I can go into the Red zone, but want to make sure I am prepared for a rock drake egg first. Plus, I want to save the suit ad much as I can it loses armor as fast as scuba does.
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2021.12.01 23:42 BlueBeaniePet Duvida acerca das equivalências

Gostaria de saber quem já recebeu equivalências recebeu um email a dizer o quê e se tambem na parte do currículo aparece "Crédito:" a cdeira que pediram equivalência mas sem nota
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2021.12.01 23:42 thememer123456 I listen to a little of avenged sevenfold

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2021.12.01 23:42 svanapps r/ethtrader - Dang!

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2021.12.01 23:42 27chipmunks New to the game; want to know values

I found a galaxy explorer thingy
I have an appearance change token
I have a stored Axothan
I don't remember what it's called but I have a Sorta bat looking thing that supposedly climbs around, species name started with an S
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2021.12.01 23:42 Ween72 Please excuse the crudity of this model. I didn’t have time to build it to scale or paint it.

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2021.12.01 23:42 Caleb556 Zekrom 0072 3012 1097 adding 8

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2021.12.01 23:42 Reddit__PI White Men Can’t Jump (1992) [1000 x 1481]

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2021.12.01 23:42 One-Two-Three123 SOLA BOLA! 🤩

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2021.12.01 23:42 SwagGoddess Alolan Raichu - 6573 5072 9132

Gonna add 2-4 ppl
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2021.12.01 23:42 Accurate-Wonder-7250 H:B50crit damage 15crit fills hm+Exe2525 hm+j2525 hm W: BE laser but open to anything else

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2021.12.01 23:42 Insignificant_onion My teams concept artist strikes again (we let him make his own project, we have made mistakes)

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2021.12.01 23:42 sonofafuckbucket I don't feel like I can hang out in the gym anymore after I was bullied this year. 26 F

I took a job teaching in a smaller town where my dad is from, and wound up coaching there as well. I had a small crush on a guy I coached with, but I can also say that I dated other people. I'm still dating other people to this day.
There were two head coaches, and 4 assistant coaches each on the girls and boys teams that I coached on. We also had an academic specialist who is around my age. I got cut from coaching, but it was no big deal as I knew that going in my contract would be only for one season.
The guy I had a crush on coaches football, and I was excited to go watch him coach this fall, make friends with everyone and just be a kind person. I've been through a lot of trauma. Even though I'm not perfect, I try really hard to be kind because I know how it feels to be mistreated.
The night before a game, I was in my crushes office with the academic specialist and two other football coaches. Not a big deal. I had done this many times before during track season.
The following night, I was sitting with one of the wives of the assistant football coaches wives (Please keep in mind as you read through this that my crush was the head football coach) and she did something that night that made me feel really uncomfortable. I politely let her know that, and asked the academic specialist how I could best handle it because I didn't know her that well.
(The assistant football coaches wife screamed at her husband in front of the fans-different than cheering him on. People were staring).
And also to anyone who reads this.....Think smaller town. Everyone knows everyone at sporting events. That was why I was sitting by her. Just trying to make connections.
The academic specialist told her all of this, and then of course it led to a huge fight. The assistant football coaches wife told me to keep her name out of my mouth, blocked me on social media, told me to stay out of the coaches office and said it was weird how obsessed I was with my crush, the head football coach. It didn't make sense why she said that, but when I was in the coaches office that night, her husband was one of the football coaches in the office. So maybe he told her?
Either way, it's made me super sad and put such a depressive episode on that I've steered clear of the gymnasium, the head football coach and everyone since September. It's a terrible feeling. I'm not perfect.....but I also don't feel I did anything wrong.
Also, I had plenty of friends that are coaches at this school. Despite my crush on him, the head football coach and I got along really well. It was never awkward or weird. It sucks and I miss hanging around everyone in the gym.
Am I being unreasonable? I'm starting to think none of these people are my friends.
TL;DR confused on how to deal with coworkers.
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2021.12.01 23:41 MasterOfOne1 WB RESHIRAM on me 0485 1151 1302

Bro if I add you, join ya twats
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2021.12.01 23:41 wiggLns Better lam/lm

Currently have if Messi and gold Neymar untradeable, don’t know who would be better out wide
View Poll
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2021.12.01 23:41 Gregoryr1990 Sign it 🚀💎we’re almost there!

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2021.12.01 23:41 The_Silver_Reaper420 “Mids”💀💀 I swear

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2021.12.01 23:41 Alaharon123 December 2021 Game of the Month - Alisia Dragoon

Congratulations to u/SegaJAM, u/darkcloud1987, u/Antonioium, u/DonLeoRaphMike, u/RAKtheUndead, and u/PlebHorseRaynor on beating Chrono Trigger! Comment with a flair and I will give it to all of you. If anyone still wants to try and complete it as well, you have 24 hours to still get a flair for your efforts.
This month we're going to a hidden gem on the competing console
Alisia Dragoon

An outstanding platformer developed by Game Arts with help from the famous anime studio Gainax. You play as a sorceress who shoots lightning at her enemies. The lightning autotargets but depletes with repeated use, requiring players to carefully ration their attacks and preventing mindless spamming. You also have access to four different familiars who accompany you, each with different abilities. Gameplay consists of standard jumping across platforms, frying enemies, collecting powerups, and fighting big bosses, but it is executed very well.
-/v/'s Recommended Games Wiki
Reviews and general links:
Emulation Information:
On PC, you can use BlastEm.
On Android, Lemuroid is a good option.
And of course, there's the Genesis Mini, Mega Drive Mini, and the many Genesis/Mega Drive collections Sega has released, some of which presumably include this game.
Emulation General wiki page
Check out the gotm channel on emulation discord server! Game of the Month Challenge! Beat the game on hard mode
Previous December GOTMs See all Games of the Month
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2021.12.01 23:41 mannymega7 Looking for a download/reupload of the playlist of the gods

the one i listen to is off of youtube, its the popular one that had zyzz posing in gold on a purple background with "Aziz Zyzz Shavershian" under zyzz. Was wondering if anyone had downloaded it
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2021.12.01 23:41 Resident_Prior_9749 🚨 🚨 27,076,854 #USDT (27,076,854 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to #Binance https://t.co/Hjl20v5IQE

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2021.12.01 23:41 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage IR215W / LAS VEGAS BLVD; wbwo 12/01/2021 06:38:16 PM
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